We install the latest Wi-Fi thermostats for your home and comfort. You can keep your home at the perfect temperature without the hassle and cost of turning the heating on and off.



What is Smart heating controllers?

Smart heating controllers are devices that use technology and connectivity to enhance the control and efficiency of heating systems in homes or commercial buildings. These controllers provide users with the ability to remotely monitor and manage their heating systems using smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices. The primary goal is to optimise energy usage, increase convenience, and improve overall comfort.

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Underfloor heating thermostats play a crucial role in regulating and controlling the temperature of underfloor heating systems. These thermostats are specifically designed for use with underfloor heating, whether it's a water-based (hydronic) system or an electric heating system. 

Underfloor heating thermostats can offer various control options, including simple on/off control, programmable schedules, and smart features for remote control via mobile apps.

Many modern underfloor heating thermostats come with programmable features, allowing you to set specific temperature levels for different times of the day or days of the week. This helps optimize energy usage and ensures comfort when needed.

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Advanced thermostats may include both floor and air sensors. Floor sensors ensure that the floor temperature is comfortable, while air sensors monitor the overall room temperature.

Smart underfloor heating thermostats offer additional features such as remote control, compatibility with smart home ecosystems (like Google Home or Amazon Alexa), and learning capabilities to adapt to your heating preferences over time.

Holiday mode is a feature that allows you to set your underfloor heating system to a lower energy state when you're away for an extended period.

Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls

Digital and smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)

Digital and smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) are advanced versions of traditional radiator valves that allow for more precise and automated control of heating in individual rooms. 

Digital TRVs:

  • Improved precision: Digital TRVs provide more accurate temperature control compared to standard thermostatic valves.
  • User-friendly interface: The digital display makes it easy for users to set and adjust the desired temperature.

Smart TRVs:

  • Remote control: Smart TRVs enable users to control heating remotely, providing flexibility and energy savings.
  • Automation: Some models can learn user preferences and adjust heating schedules automatically.
  • Zoning: Smart TRVs can be part of a zoning system, allowing for individual room temperature control.
Smart Heating Controls
Smart Heating Controls
Smart Heating Controls
Smart Heating Controls
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